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End of summer sales, yoo-hoo!

August 14, 2008



Not that I have any $ or business, but I bought the most beauty-ful sandals from Diane von Furstenberg at Intermix in East Hampton last week. They are so perfect in every way, flattering, with a slight heel, can take a beating (or beach hike for afternoon rendezvous, :)—that I have to share them with the world. The best part is that they were on sale for $99 buckaroo’s, down from a cool $265. I know it’s end of season, but who cares, I can still rock ’em out in September, then pull ’em out in resort season. 

Conventional wisdom (and probably me in my book) says to start buying transitional pieces that I can wear into fall, but I am defaulting to the “But, I LOVE them!” defense. That excuse and the “But I DESERVE them!” argument get me into a lot of shopping trouble. But you know what? I have worked like a burro all summer—granted in killer clothing, :)—and I LOVE and DESERVE them, so take that!

Summer sales are beckoning, ladies, beware….

Besos, xxooo