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Ice Princess

December 11, 2008


So I am transitioning into winter makeup— I know a bit late—since I have a makeup uniform which essentially  consists of eyeliner and gloss. The other night I was out with a blondie friend who was sporting Chanel Vamp. Now I used to rock that back in the day, but as of late have been staying away from deep burgandies as coupled with my black hair, I feel too chola-esque. Because my gloss palette is always nude or peachy, I thought lets get nutty, and go BERRY. Ok, not too inventive, but I like my look, alright. Anyway, I was at a drugstore, when I stumbled upon Sally Hansen’s Lip Inflation in Sheer in Sheer Blush— I LOVE IT!!


You can’t really feel that it’s a weird lip plumper, and I don’t know that it actually plumps, but the color and texture is fantastic. I think what makes it winter-appropriate is that it is frosty. Frosty good. Paired with deep eyeliner and a white turtleneck or some faux fur hoodie and it is very Dr. Zhivago/Ice Princess-like.

I tried it this past weekend and it worked really well, don’t know if you can tell from this photo. (That’s me on way left with a red nose, 🙂


Try it out and let me know what you think. If you visit the Sally Hansen website, you get a $1 off, which is nothing to sniff at coupon haters!


Ciao darlings!!


xxxxooo, Robyn

Ring me up

December 4, 2008



I am trying to knock out some early holiday shopping to get it out of the way, and have found some fun trinkets. These colorful ribbed enamel rings from Leila remind me of the shrimp earrings my sister used to wear back in the ‘90’s! The black & white versions exude winter chic, while the colored options are fabulously festive. And at $50, everyone will be cheerful.


Leila enamel rings