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Word of the Day

September 28, 2008


In the culture chapter of my tome,  Practically Posh: The Smart Girls Guide to a Glam Life, I write that one of the easiest ways to look more refined is to increase your vocabulary. So to help you on your road to enlightenment, here is a word that I had never heard before that I actually came across TWICE this morning: LOUCHE.

Louche is defined by websters as: “Dubious, shady, and disreputable.”

Here is how it is used in a sentence:

“In (the French film) ‘Tell No One’ Ms. Scott Thomas again plays an aristocrat of sorts, but one who is a little LOUCHE and completely at ease in her own skin.”

Another example:

“A month earlier, I’d written to Monsieur Gaultier and asked him to send me a list of the places in Paris that are the most meaningful to him. I knew that the selections made by an avatar of LOUCHE  glamour and subversive wit would provide a refreshing tonic to the City of Light’s inherent sentimentality.”

It’s occurring to me as I  write this that both of the articles that contained the word LOUCHE have a French context. Perhaps LOUCHE is a word commonly used in the Gallic language. Peut-être? I‘ll have to ask some French friends. Regardless, I think it is a clever word, and from now on I will deem everything questionable as LOUCHE!

Stay tuned for another brilliant “word of the day”. Until then, a bientôt smarties!