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What kind of lingerie do boys like?

September 16, 2008

So last week at Fashion week here in NYC I visited the Victoria’s Secret Lounge in the Bryant Park Hotel, where in addition to free massages and food, they previewed a special collection of “Supermodel Obssesions.” The line was super cute and seemingly vintage inspired. I fell in LOVE with this jumper and went straight to the store THAT day to buy it. It was only $58, good deal!  I put it on before bed the next night and the next couple of nights to pretty much no word from my boyfriend. HMMM, what was up? 

Finally last night, I was really warm, so I chucked this number off, to which my boyfriend replied “Thank God!” “You hate my outfit, I KNEW you hated it!” I said. “Yeah, it doesn’t accentuate anything,”he said. “And, it looks like you’re wearing gym shorts that are hiked up to your waist.” 

Well, I don’t know how much truth I really needed to hear, but fair enough.  So what EXACTLY do men find sexy? I have to say in my experience, its not vintage pieces. I used to wear 50’s style slips with an old boyfriend, and he thought I looked too old-fashioned. His taste was questionable…

However, my current boyfriend has impeccable taste and loves vintage, so where’s the disconnect?

Maybe dudes just like when you put all out there, or maybe this piece was just too cutsey?

Whatever the reason, I’m keeping my baby, and will proudly wear it channeling my best ingenue, even if its for audience of none……

 xxxooo Robyn