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Practically Posh is the new black

July 18, 2008

So read last week that “frugal” is the new black, what brilliant
timing for Practically Posh! I’m living in the Hamptons this summer
hosting a show, and “coincidentally” friends and family are CRAWLING
out of the woodwork wanting to catch up with me this summer. I wonder
if I was living in Newark, New Jersey this summer, if I’d be as

Anyway, since I have an influx of guests and not too much money which
doesn’t quite couple well with the SUPER expensive Hamptons (I paid
$10 for a smoothie the other day!!!!) I have come up with “practically
posh” ways to save on entertaining and shop this summer.

Have any suggestions on how to host on the cheap, let me know!!



Host a Tasting Party- More posh than a cooking club, and more fun than
a book club, holding a tasting party is an affordable way to learn
about food and wine. From high-end tequilas to artisanal cheeses, have
guests pitch in and bring items, download info from the internet, and
learn to discern the nuances of a 100% Blue Agave tequila, or compare
the differences between English and Vermont Cheddar.

Make it a daytime affair. Hankering to try out the new hot spot, but
hesitant to drop a lot of cash? Trade in a Saturday night for a Sunday
afternoon and enjoy a brunch instead. Many brunch places offer a deal
that includes Bloody Marys or mimosas; so you can still have fun and
check out the cool environments, but at a fraction of the cost.

Game on. Beat the heat, and tame your budget by staying in this Friday
night with family and friends and let the games begin! Old school
games are always fun, so you can dust off your scrabble and monopoly
sets, make some popcorn, and indulge in some old-fashioned fun.
“Multi-player” games are also incredibly popular, so show off your
deft strumming skills and jam out with “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero
III.” And if you’re a big fan of American Idol and High School
Musical, belt out some tunes with karaoke games like “SingStar Pop” or
have dance off with “Dance Dance Revolution”.

Discover our own back yard. Instead of hopping in car for a weekend
away, strap on your walking shoes or hop on your bike and discover
neighborhoods in your own city. From architecture tours to scenic bike
routes, many cities offer free excursions that allow to affordably
explore your town and get some exercise in the meantime. If you prefer
to stay away from groups, you can also download maps, and forge your
own trail.

Clothing Swap Parties
Before you log on to e-Bay to sell that skirt you meant to return but
didn’t or that sample sale score you have yet to wear, try swapping
out your booty with your girlfriend. Every girl has a bag of unwanted
clothes sitting in her closet, so invite your stylish lady friends and
their pile of goods over, open up a bottle of wine, and let the
auction begin!

Shop your closet
I once house sat for a co-worker, and decided one of the perks of the
job was to raid her closet. I chose a BCBG leopard print dress paired
with a turquoise Juicy Couture cardigan: sexy yet sweet. My outfit was
a hit at work, and when my friend returned I ‘fessed up to what I had
borrowed. “Interesting”,  she said. “I haven’t won that dress in ages,
and I never would have put those two together.” She began to
reappraise that outfit, and her own wardrobe altogether, and our game
of “Shop your closet” was born. Have a friend whose style you admire
come over one night and help pick out outfits from your closets.
You’ll discover with some updated accessories–you can get a great
second life out of your wardrobe.