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Practically Posh at The Texas Book Festival

October 1, 2008

Howdy friends!

I am SOO excited because in un mes (one month!) I will be at the Texas Book Festival in my second hometown—Austin, Texas!! I will signing books from 3-3:45pm on Sat & Sun, Nov.1& 2.


Please come by my fellow Tejano’s so we can have a Posh Old Time.


Here’s more info on the event, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas Book Festival Info


Yummy Mexican food, here I come……


Word of the Day

September 28, 2008


In the culture chapter of my tome,  Practically Posh: The Smart Girls Guide to a Glam Life, I write that one of the easiest ways to look more refined is to increase your vocabulary. So to help you on your road to enlightenment, here is a word that I had never heard before that I actually came across TWICE this morning: LOUCHE.

Louche is defined by websters as: “Dubious, shady, and disreputable.”

Here is how it is used in a sentence:

“In (the French film) ‘Tell No One’ Ms. Scott Thomas again plays an aristocrat of sorts, but one who is a little LOUCHE and completely at ease in her own skin.”

Another example:

“A month earlier, I’d written to Monsieur Gaultier and asked him to send me a list of the places in Paris that are the most meaningful to him. I knew that the selections made by an avatar of LOUCHE  glamour and subversive wit would provide a refreshing tonic to the City of Light’s inherent sentimentality.”

It’s occurring to me as I  write this that both of the articles that contained the word LOUCHE have a French context. Perhaps LOUCHE is a word commonly used in the Gallic language. Peut-être? I‘ll have to ask some French friends. Regardless, I think it is a clever word, and from now on I will deem everything questionable as LOUCHE!

Stay tuned for another brilliant “word of the day”. Until then, a bientôt smarties!


Totally Twisted

September 25, 2008

So I have been coveting this disheveled damsel look for sometime, but was unsure how to achieve it. I experimented at home with braids, but the look was always more Pocahontas than Posh—until now.

Yesterday, my lovely little sister Bianca had a photo for her new fashion line: A Little Wicked, of which I will be blogging about A LOT. But what was especially cool was that the model rocked out the crown braids, so luckily I was on hand to see how it was done.

To get the look, the hair and makeup stylist, Jenni Kline (that’s her on left, the GORGEOUS model is Bianca’s friend Vanessa Ratnavich) started a French braid at the top left side of Vanessa’s head and continued brading across and around creating a crown. She bobby-pinned the end, then back combed pieces, so it looked wickedly messy, like a punk princess. This ‘do was surprisingly easy to DO, and looks good with our without bangs.

Such a pretty (and easy) way to wear your hair back. So long chignon, hello twisted sister!!


Xxxooo- Robyn

What kind of lingerie do boys like?

September 16, 2008

So last week at Fashion week here in NYC I visited the Victoria’s Secret Lounge in the Bryant Park Hotel, where in addition to free massages and food, they previewed a special collection of “Supermodel Obssesions.” The line was super cute and seemingly vintage inspired. I fell in LOVE with this jumper and went straight to the store THAT day to buy it. It was only $58, good deal!  I put it on before bed the next night and the next couple of nights to pretty much no word from my boyfriend. HMMM, what was up? 

Finally last night, I was really warm, so I chucked this number off, to which my boyfriend replied “Thank God!” “You hate my outfit, I KNEW you hated it!” I said. “Yeah, it doesn’t accentuate anything,”he said. “And, it looks like you’re wearing gym shorts that are hiked up to your waist.” 

Well, I don’t know how much truth I really needed to hear, but fair enough.  So what EXACTLY do men find sexy? I have to say in my experience, its not vintage pieces. I used to wear 50’s style slips with an old boyfriend, and he thought I looked too old-fashioned. His taste was questionable…

However, my current boyfriend has impeccable taste and loves vintage, so where’s the disconnect?

Maybe dudes just like when you put all out there, or maybe this piece was just too cutsey?

Whatever the reason, I’m keeping my baby, and will proudly wear it channeling my best ingenue, even if its for audience of none……

 xxxooo Robyn

Me and Adrian Grenier go green

September 6, 2008

My first foray into fashion week was a green excursion as I attended the Be EcoChic Fashion show at the Museum of Natural History, where under a giant life-size replica of a whale cool models and celebs like Lauren Hutton, Alek Wek, Patti Hansen, and Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato, rocked out sustainable fashions by Loomstate, Carmen Marc Valvo, Sean John, DKNY, and Edun among others.

But my highlight was rubbing organic cotton elbows with Entourage’s eco-babe Adrian Grenier. He is as hot in person as on screen and his emerald eyes REALLY make me ga-ga for green. 

He talked about the challenges of living a green life, and was excited about his green makeover show Alter Eco, which airs on Planet Green.  Sexy and environmentally sensitive, I’ll be tuning in!



 Alter Eco Show

I kissed Chace Crawford!

September 4, 2008



Watching the recorded Gossip Girl premiere last night which was set in the Hamptons, reminded me of my own encounter with the cast a couple of weeks, and the kissing that ensued when I found out Chace was down with cougars (I am on the WAY younger side, a cougerette really).

Check it out:

Gossip Girl season premier party

I’m back!

September 3, 2008

Hello all!

After a hectic summer in the Hamptons, I am back in NYC and ready for action! Project #1: Fashion Week. I’ll be covering all the fun and fodder in the tents and beyond, so stay tuned as I bring you the  Iatest looks and (of course) those worth the $$$$!

I’m especially excited about the Target “Pop Up” Bodega stores, which are mini-stores opening for fashion week, and featuring clothes, accessories, and home decor from Anya Hindmarch, Rachel Ashwell, Keenan Duffty, and Sigerson Morrison. I have been on a shopping boycott as I’m apartment hunting, but this event I think I can afford, yeow!!!!

Back to you soon, besos, xxooo Robyn

End of summer sales, yoo-hoo!

August 14, 2008



Not that I have any $ or business, but I bought the most beauty-ful sandals from Diane von Furstenberg at Intermix in East Hampton last week. They are so perfect in every way, flattering, with a slight heel, can take a beating (or beach hike for afternoon rendezvous, :)—that I have to share them with the world. The best part is that they were on sale for $99 buckaroo’s, down from a cool $265. I know it’s end of season, but who cares, I can still rock ’em out in September, then pull ’em out in resort season. 

Conventional wisdom (and probably me in my book) says to start buying transitional pieces that I can wear into fall, but I am defaulting to the “But, I LOVE them!” defense. That excuse and the “But I DESERVE them!” argument get me into a lot of shopping trouble. But you know what? I have worked like a burro all summer—granted in killer clothing, :)—and I LOVE and DESERVE them, so take that!

Summer sales are beckoning, ladies, beware….

Besos, xxooo



I’m HUGE in San Antonio!

July 31, 2008

Hola all!

So my mom called me this morning crying. “Mom? is that you?” I asked as I answered the phone to the sound of bawling. “I’m soo…. proud of youuuuu!” she cried between telenovela-worthy wails, she is a bit of a dramatic Latina, 🙂 “You’re in the FRONT page of the paper, and you look sooo puuurty….” sob, sob, sob…

Awww, to clarify today I am in the front page of the LIFESTYLE section of my hometown paper: The San Antonio Express News, and it is a lovely article. Also, it’s a bit of a redemption piece as the last time I was in the Express News was four years ago for my last book: Border-Line Personalities and the accompanying picture was SO bad, I cried (and not out of joy!) for days. For some reason, my publisher sent an author photo I had rejected, and my long-awaited homecoming showed me with (what looked like) receding gums. The pic was AWFUL to begin with, but with bad reproduction all of my mom’s friends called her to console her, “Robyn’s really much prettier in person.” No wonder my mom was delirious this time around!!

Here is a copy of the NICE pic (whew!) and great article, thanks Elaine Ayala for supporting an SA girl, ese!!!

xxxooo Robyn

Elaine Ayala – Express-News

If you’ve been digging out the last bit of color from your favorite lipstick or shopping in a Goodwill store, Robyn Moreno has more on how to get through a recession with style.

The San Antonio native turned author and television personality found out early how to stay glamorous on budget. Moving to New York 10 years ago, without a job, helped her learn even more about stretching her beauty dollar.

Her collected tips are now in a new book, “Practically Posh: The Smart Girls’ Guide to a Glam Life” (Collins, $18.95), published this month.

“My mom was practically posh before practically posh was cool,” Moreno says. She shopped at Solo Serve, La Feria and Goodwill, “and she’s a gorgeous Latina woman. Her joyfulness and enduring hope and Latina flair inspired the book.”

Written and designed like a fashion magazine with photos, tidbits and quotes, “Posh” looks a little like a fancy scrapbook in which Moreno stars, but she writes with budget- and fashion-conscious authority.

It’s her third book. Moreno co-authored “Suave: The Latin Male” and co-edited “Border-line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass and Cultural Shifting.”

She’s host of Plum TV’s flagship “Morning Noon & Night” show, which features interviews with notable Hamptonites, and is spokeswoman for Woman’s Day magazine. She graduated from Lee High School, attending Edison for a while, and studied public relations at the University of Texas at Austin.

She’s one of four sisters, one a designer in New York. When she visits San Antonio, she does a little shopping. Whether here or there, she’s always looking for a bargain that doesn’t look like one.

First things first

Before heading out to a sale, Moreno suggests you shop your own closet. Getting rid of clutter can unearth a treasure.

“I don’t know about you, but I tend to wear the same things,” she says. So, ask a stylish friend or sister to put outfits together for you. “They accessorize things you wouldn’t.”

Same rules apply to drawers, she says; organize those with scarves, belts and jewelry.

Swap clothes with friends who wear your size. “Sometime you have clothes, nice clothes, that you just don’t wear,” so host a clothing swap party.

Moreno shops thrift and vintage stores, but says they’re totally different experiences.

A thrift or discount store such as Goodwill requires patience. The cheap finds are there, but go alone, she says. A hesitant, grossed out or bored companion will distract you.

A vintage store is more expensive, but offers what Moreno calls occasion clothing.

“All designers go to vintage stores for inspiration,” she says. She still remembers the cocktail dress she bought for $100. “I wear the hell out of it, and I saw it knocked off in Anthropologie for $300.”

Vintage rules apply to consignment stores, where you get “more bang and quality for your buck.”

Moreno advises trying on clothes. Vintage means old, and U.S. sizing has changed considerably over the years.

Don’t invest much on trendy, seasonal fashions, she says. When she visits San Antonio, she stops at Forever 21, which “is great for of-the-moment buys. They do a lot of knockoffs,” and it’s not just for teens.

She also likes Stein Mart, jewelry from Banana Republic and a vintage store in Southtown (since closed). “I bought a great ’50s cocktail dress for $40, and it’s beautiful brocade.”

When an accessory such as an “it” bag is what you want, rent it as did Louise, Carrie’s assistant in the movie “Sex and the City.” Moreno’s recommends Bag, Borrow or Steal, a Seattle-based company (

Making fashions last

Here are some of her clothing, fabric tips from Moreno:

Maximize fashion by caring for clothes, Moreno says. Learn the basics of stain removal. Her No. 1 tip is to act quickly. “Don’t let them set,” she says.

Know the difference between “dry clean” and “dry clean only.” “When it says ‘dry clean,’ it’s only a recommendation.”

Save on cleaning by using hangers. “Half the reason I take things to the dry cleaners is to press them. So, hang your clothes up right away.” She’s a steaming fan. An old-school hot shower will do, or invest in a handheld steamer. She owns one that cost $40.

Put on clothes last to avoid sweat and perfume stains. Moreno lets perfume set first and then applies makeup, deodorant and lotion.

Find a good seamstress. A high-end suit on sale can be tailored. Learn the basics of sewing, she adds.

Beauty on a budget

Moreno isn’t a huge fan of makeup, but she spends the most on foundation, which can be matched to your skin color at a cosmetics counter.

“Invest in one that has SPF and the one that gets you the most coverage,” she says.

Everything else, she says, can be bought at a drugstore.

Moreno swears by her Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($12) and doesn’t use water to wash her face.

She also loves Rosebud Salve as a lip balm.

Makeup artist Carmondy of the hit show “What Not to Wear” “gave me the best tip. The cheapest way to exfoliate your skin is to use sugar. I use it with my Cetaphil. Two teaspoons of sugar with 2 teaspoons of your face wash,” she says. “It wakes up your skin.”

“Posh” also recommends that you find a dermatologist, limit sun exposure, drink in moderation, don’t smoke, get sleep, eat healthfully and exercise.

Extend your makeup by digging out what’s left in lipstick tubes and put in a pillbox. Mixing shades creates a new one. Ditto for eye shadows.

“Posh” lists Moreno’s favorite drugstore beauty staples, including Visine, Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Hair Treatment, baby powder (takes oil out of dirty hair, absorbs oil stains on clothes, sets makeup), Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Vaseline (makeup remover, lip balm, cuticle moisturizer, body balm) and Crest Whitestrips.

Moreno says there’s little difference in shampoos, so an inexpensive one is as good as a designer brand. But once a month, rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar. It strips the buildup and leaves hair soft and shiny.

Practically Posh in the Post!

July 9, 2008

Practically Posh was on the cover of the entertainment section in the Post, check it out: