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Practically Posh is so “On the Money”

October 21, 2008


Hello all,

I am super excited because last night I was on my friend Carmen Wong’s new show on CNBC, called “On the Money with Carmen Wong”. It is a finance show, and she is a total money honey, a younger, Latinized Suze Orman! 

Anyway I was on to talk about ways to shop smart this holiday season. Retailers are going BANANA’S trying to lure customers into stores, and they’re doing everything from offering tax-free weekends and two-for-one specials to bringing back old school policies like layaway—eeeeh that is SO how I got my Gloria Vanderbilt’s from La Feria “boutique”in San Antonio, circa 1985.

But buyer beware, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you really NEED it. And if you’re breaking your budget, your breaking your budget even if those blasted boots you’ve been coveting are INSANELY cheap.

Check out my segment, and after I offer some specific tips for navigating these crazy sales.

Smart Shopping on CNBC


xxxooo, Robyn


5 Rules for Navigating “Too good to be true sales”


  1. Set a budget BEFORE you go. It’s easy to overspend when prices are low, so going with a FIRM budget in mind will help you edit choices easier.
  2. Do your homework. Go online to get prices on the items you’re coveting that way you can tell what’s really a good deal or not. $5 off, nothing to write home about. But if you see your dream bag for $100 less than the price you’ve been eyeing, you can be it knowing you really made a score.
  3. Give yourself time to shop. People tend to impulse buy when they’re in a hurry. Thursday nights are a great time to shop because that’s when most weekend sales begin. So you can shop without the weekend’s crowds and get first dibs on merchandise that’s not picked over.
  4. Go for high mileage: If you’re going to splurge on something, make sure you can wear it season after season, whether its diamond studs or a great fitting pair of jeans. Dresses are a great buy, because you can add or strip away layers to wear them anytime of year.
  5. Consider quality/like factor over just a designer name. Because most designers are now designing lines (Commes de Garcons for H&M; Jonathan Saunders for Target), it’s easy to get caught up in buying a label even if its something you might not normally buy. You’ll get more use buying a non-name cashmere sweater over an ok quality, trendy piece by a big designer.