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Darling decoupage

November 24, 2008


While I am not the craftiest chica around, I do find decoupage to be totally rad and relaxing. My boyfriend just moved into a new pad, and as I am super excited to help him decorate, I started scanning design mags, and websites for inspiration. On one of my faves—— I found this super-cool decoupage project from guest blogger Mr. Peacock and LOVED it.

Decoupage project from Mr. Peacock

Mr. Peacock’s brilliantly specific details (down to cleaning the soon-to-be decoupaged wall) make this fetching DIY home improvement project totally do-able! I heart his birds-and-bee’s theme, but I think in vibrant color might better liven up the bathroom. I’m a little concerned about creating all those cutouts, hmmm…..Maybe I’ll make it a fun girl’s night project. Decoupage plus wine equals a fun crafty winter night!! I’ll let you know how it comes out…

Xxoo, Robyn