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Darling decoupage

November 24, 2008


While I am not the craftiest chica around, I do find decoupage to be totally rad and relaxing. My boyfriend just moved into a new pad, and as I am super excited to help him decorate, I started scanning design mags, and websites for inspiration. On one of my faves—— I found this super-cool decoupage project from guest blogger Mr. Peacock and LOVED it.

Decoupage project from Mr. Peacock

Mr. Peacock’s brilliantly specific details (down to cleaning the soon-to-be decoupaged wall) make this fetching DIY home improvement project totally do-able! I heart his birds-and-bee’s theme, but I think in vibrant color might better liven up the bathroom. I’m a little concerned about creating all those cutouts, hmmm…..Maybe I’ll make it a fun girl’s night project. Decoupage plus wine equals a fun crafty winter night!! I’ll let you know how it comes out…

Xxoo, Robyn


Martha and Me

July 1, 2008

Pondering my book release today, I found it ironic (and maybe somewhat serendipitous) that I recently met up with the Queen of DIY: Martha Stewart.

When I was first imagining the content, style, and tone of my book Practically Posh, Martha was my inspiration: in the sense of what and WHAT NOT to do. To clarify: I have much admiration for Martha, in terms of her creativity and imagination, and also as a woman and a brand. But, as busy gal with lots of ideas and taste, but not so much time (or money) for the execution of decoupaging a chest of drawers or decorating gourds, how was my how-to book going to be different?

First of all, it was going to be PRACTICAL. One of the main tenets of Practically Posh, is that we aren’t going to re-invent the wheel. If you don’t know how to SPELL decoupage, much less have the time to try it, I’m not going to inundate you with time-consuming projects that require lots of instruction, confusion, and expensive trips to the craft store. (For decoupage fans, I do offer ONE super easy and super COOL project, so relax, J). Most of my recipes, suggestions, and tips are about utilizing things, ingredients, and knowledge that you ALREADY own and faking the rest. Have a “Foodie “ friend over for dinner? Don’t even try to compete on her level: she has years of practice, and an actual interest in cooking behind her. The Practically Posh response: Pull out the race card. What’s your background? Italian, Puerto Rican, Swedish, Bulgarian? It’s time to use what you got, ladies and whip up grandma’s meatballs, curry, or moussaka. Even if you got the recipe from, and not a handed down recipe book, who’s going to know? Just make up a story to serve along with it: “Babushka used to make this for us every Sunday.” Your guests will duly impressed, who’s going to try and front Nana?

You see, Practically Posh is all about working with what you have, then WORKING what you have. It’s about tapping your resourcefulness, from re-inventing your own wardrobe, to making a slamming dinner with items in the fridge, to showing off your best assets. Got great gams, but a Mac and Cheese belly? Guess who’s going to be rocking the hell out that baby doll dress.J

I do hope readers learn some new stuff, and accordingly share tons o’ of clever tips, tricks, and shortcuts. But more than anything, I want people to realize that they for the most part possess all they need to live the life they want, whether its to how to dress in runway looks on your real person salary ( and are KILLER saving sites), to how to serve up a wow-inspiring meal, or how to take that dream vacation NOW. Hint: discover destinations in your own back yard like GORGEOUS wineries in Long Island, Virginia, Oregon, and Texas. (Don’t smirk, snobby pants! Texas is the 2nd most visited winery after Napa Valley.)

Also, the book had to exude POSHNESS. While I do fancy Victoria “Posh” Beckham’s smarts and style—bravo, love!— when I think of posh, I think of it’s origin as an acronym for a sailing term: port out(ward), starboard home, which is where the first class accommodations were located on English cruise ships. See, a Practically Posh girl is one who steers her own first class ship. Someone who gets that life is much more than just about finding deals, it’s about finding pleasure in your present life. Whether your dream includes fame and riches–or maybe just a smartly decorated apartment and a bank account not in the red–the road to success doesn’t have to be shabby. Practically Posh is your bible for living as a bon vivant on a budget.

So armed with those two premises, I created Practically Posh and I hope you guys enjoy. You know I’m all for slowing things down, appreciating the technique of things, and taking time to learn how to do things well, but for the rest of the 300-plus days a year, get the most out of your life by living the Practically Posh way. Which is really the way most women live nowadays anyway.

In fact, What’s your favorite easy recipe, place to bargain shop, or tip/trick that saves you time and money while you still look like a rock star? Let me know and maybe it’ll be in my next book.!

BTW- For great tips on last minute 4th of July entertaining tips, check me out on July 4 on NBC’s Today Show in the 9am hour!! Talk to you soon!

Besos! Xxxooo… Robyn