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I found my Thanksgiving salad!

November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday because of the great food, and of course family and friends to share it with. Every year I go crazy planning my menu trying to add new dishes to my tried and true standby’s. This year, I am ALL about a Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad. I first had it at my friend Kristen’s house, then serendipitoulsy that same week at Frankie’s which is one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. Whats gorgeous about this recipe is that is super tasty, and so EASY To make. This will be on my Thanksgiving table this year, and feel free to put in on yours! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

xxxooo, Robyn

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad.

  • 1 1/2 lb Brussels sprouts
  • 1 cup walnuts (3 1/2 oz), (can be toasted or raw)
  • grated Pecorino Romano to taste
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Salt & freshly ground pepper to taste

Robyn on the Mike and Juliet Show!

November 11, 2008

Hello all,




I had a NUTTY last week! In addition to the excitement of the election (YAY!!!!!!!!!!) I had the honor of making over FOUR beautiful women for the super fun Mike & Juliet show on Fox. The challenge: I could only shop at a thrift store and had a budget of $100 for each look, including shoes and accessories!

It was exhausting, but inevitably FANTASTIC!! I found a GORGEOUS $400 BCBG dress for $25, a $200 Calypso dress for 10 bucks, and a $500 pair of Moschino pumps for $35!! Yeow! I went to Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For non-New Yorkers, don’t fret: Buffalo Exchange is a NATIONWIDE chain, I just visited the one in Austin, and it too was POSH-tastic!

Here are some tried and true tips I gave, and check out the segment below to see the luxe looks for less.

xxoooxxoo, Robyn

PS- The cute grey sweater dress I’m wearing on the show was only $13 from Buffalo Exchange!!

3 Tips for Thrift Store Scouring

1. Hit out of the way thrift stores because they are less picked over. Take a day trip and hit the suburbs. 

2. Ask if they have “tag sale days“ or sale days where you can net even lower bargains. Thrift stores have ton’s O’ merchandise to move, so they are motivated to sell!

3. Many thrift stores will take clothing trades so make sure you ask!

Robyn on the Mike and Juliet Show

Happy Halloween!!!

October 31, 2008

Hola witches and goblins! I am boarding a plane for the Texas Book Festival shortly. If you live in Austin, come to my reading tomorrow at 3pm at 10th & Congress in the Texas Book Festival lifestyle tent, for more info….

Anyway, I actually detest dressing up, but I love making costumes, so I helped my friend find a costume for his toddler. 

I found this adorable sock monkey costume:

But I was worried if he took off his hat, he would just look like a potato, so I iron-oned some Paul Frank patches:



Much better, right? I’ll post a pic of him in it!

I’m off!  Have a SCARY Halloween, and a happy Dia del los muertos!!!!


Robyn, xxxooo

Resurrection Boulevard

October 28, 2008


It is downright CHILLY up here in NYC, and time to bust out the winter clothing. Usually I would go shopping and add some fun staples to my existing wardrobe. But because times are tough, I am spending some time repairing or updating clothing I ALREADY own. I feel every woman in America has a bag of clothes and shoes in her closet that she “means” to fix, whether a blazer needs a new button, or boots need to be resoled. Often times that “fix-it” bag can sit in the closet for seasons. 

I recommend dusting it off THEN dropping it off at the tailors or shoe repair store, pronto! I bet you can get almost a new wardrobe for under $100.

An even smarter option would be to mend those duds yourself. If you know how to sew but the thought of sewing sounds as much fun a washing dishes, why not invite a crafty friend over, pop open a bottle of wine, and make it into party? Like a “scrapbooking” night, but cooler.

If you can’t even sew a button on a shirt, there’s no better time to take up a new hobby! Make a date with a sewing savvy friend who can show you some easy tailoring tricks. Who knows, maybe a budding fashion designer will be born…

I myself am headed over to my friend Pepa’s house to try and make a sweater modeled after my favorite new one I found at Beacon’s Closet— a POSHTASTIC thrift store here in Brooklyn.

See photo below. Ignore my windswept hair and instead focus on the SLEEVES, how cool are they? Essentially this is a slouchy grey turtleneck with super fun-fitted sleeves from ANOTHER sweater sewn on at the elbow. This is a clever (and eco-chic!) way to get use out of an old sweater. I couldn’t find a label on mine,  but this seems beyond easy to make. Or so I think….


I’ll let you know how the line comes out….

Besos, xxoooo


Practically Posh is so “On the Money”

October 21, 2008


Hello all,

I am super excited because last night I was on my friend Carmen Wong’s new show on CNBC, called “On the Money with Carmen Wong”. It is a finance show, and she is a total money honey, a younger, Latinized Suze Orman! 

Anyway I was on to talk about ways to shop smart this holiday season. Retailers are going BANANA’S trying to lure customers into stores, and they’re doing everything from offering tax-free weekends and two-for-one specials to bringing back old school policies like layaway—eeeeh that is SO how I got my Gloria Vanderbilt’s from La Feria “boutique”in San Antonio, circa 1985.

But buyer beware, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you really NEED it. And if you’re breaking your budget, your breaking your budget even if those blasted boots you’ve been coveting are INSANELY cheap.

Check out my segment, and after I offer some specific tips for navigating these crazy sales.

Smart Shopping on CNBC


xxxooo, Robyn


5 Rules for Navigating “Too good to be true sales”


  1. Set a budget BEFORE you go. It’s easy to overspend when prices are low, so going with a FIRM budget in mind will help you edit choices easier.
  2. Do your homework. Go online to get prices on the items you’re coveting that way you can tell what’s really a good deal or not. $5 off, nothing to write home about. But if you see your dream bag for $100 less than the price you’ve been eyeing, you can be it knowing you really made a score.
  3. Give yourself time to shop. People tend to impulse buy when they’re in a hurry. Thursday nights are a great time to shop because that’s when most weekend sales begin. So you can shop without the weekend’s crowds and get first dibs on merchandise that’s not picked over.
  4. Go for high mileage: If you’re going to splurge on something, make sure you can wear it season after season, whether its diamond studs or a great fitting pair of jeans. Dresses are a great buy, because you can add or strip away layers to wear them anytime of year.
  5. Consider quality/like factor over just a designer name. Because most designers are now designing lines (Commes de Garcons for H&M; Jonathan Saunders for Target), it’s easy to get caught up in buying a label even if its something you might not normally buy. You’ll get more use buying a non-name cashmere sweater over an ok quality, trendy piece by a big designer.

Online Goldmine

October 16, 2008

So I don’t know about you, but all this stress about the economy makes me want to shop, blasted!

But we can actually indulge in a little retail therapy, guilt-free, by visiting the online discount retailers….

  • I am loving which works like eBay but better, because every item from a Birkin bag to a Cartier watch is GUARANTEED to be authentic. Last year online, I bought some fake Uggs, which I call “Fuggs”, and they weren’t cheap! My sister too got duped, when she bought a fake Marc Jacobs Stam bag, which she WAS able to return. The product guarantee here is HUGE.
  • Gilt Groupe is a members only on-line shopping site that provides access to luxury an fashion brands for men, women and children (Nina Ricci, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, See by Chloe and J.Lindberg) at prices up to 70% off retail. They send you an email alert when online sales are starting.
  • Sign up to and type in your favorites designer and they do all the work for you by scouring the websites of leading retailers like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s and send you an email summary of which new items go on sale in YOUR size. This is BRILLIANT!!
  • is an online shopping portal with over 900 retailers.  Here’s how it works: login and choose from hundreds of popular retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Zales, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Nordstrom’s etc. and click on which store you’d like to shop.  They’ll redirect you to the store.  You’ll shop like you normally do and earn a rebate for each purchase.  Then receive a check in the mail. That’s it. This I have never done, so if someone has,let me know how it is. Sounds easy enough?
  • not only offers designer discounts at 40% off, but they provide quality customer service, which luxe shoppers crave. Bluefly has a section on the site called “The Tailor” where an actual tailor gives customers advice on how to shop for the perfect suit online. The tailor works with each customer to find the perfect fit and gives advice on how best to style the suit. Bluefly also offers shoppers live customer service representatives 24/7. After a customer has spent a certain amount of time looking at an item, a chat box will pop up where a Bluefly customer service representative will chat with the shopper and ask if there is anything they can help them with. DIG THE PERSONALIZED SERVICE—TRULY POSH!!
  • Because pearls are SO hot—Gossip Girl anyone?—pearl lovers should log for an amazing selection of pearls at 80% off retail. Their high quality pearls average about $300 because they deal in huge volume and source directly. I’ll be checking out the rings….
xxxooo, Robyn

Practically Posh Travel

October 13, 2008

In these challenging who doesn’t crave a little escape? Luckily a glam getaway is easier than you think. Yesterday in the NY Daily News I published “9 Ways to travel on the cheap”, check out the article by clicking on link below. You can also check out some tips from the feature below…. So read on, then get packing! 🙂 xxxoooo, Robyn

NY Daily News Practically Posh Travel article  




 Sign up for frequent-flier miles Not only do airline frequent-flier programs allow you to earn free tickets and upgrades, you also get priority check-in, which means you get to skip the mile-long check-in line. And you get to board first, so there’s always room for your overhead luggage.

 Be alternative Many cities have multiple airports or hubs nearby. Book a flight into a less-busy airport just outside your destination to save money and avoid delays. Looking to fly into, say, Miami? Expand your search to include Palm Beach, which is only an hour away by car.

 Phone home the right way Never pick up the phone in a hotel, unless it’s for a wakeup call. Calling-out charges are a huge waste of money. Instead of burning through your cell-phone minutes, download Internet-calling software at – calls between Skype users are free.

 Get a home away from home If you want to see a city through the eyes of a native, renting an apartment is a great option. Check out, or even craigslist for cool accommodations. If you live in a desirable location, another lodging possibility is to apartment-swap. or

Dine at a discount If you’re hankering to try out the new hot spot but hesitant to drop a lot of cash, trade in a Saturday night for a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a brunch instead. You can still check out the scene, but at a fraction of the cost.

 Shop smart Save money on food by hitting the grocery store. Stock up on meats and cheeses and enjoy a lunchtime picnic. You can also buy snacks and alcohol to have an aperitif in your room and save money on expensive pre-dinner cocktails. And definitely buy water – grabbing a bottle from the minibar after a boozy night out will cost you.

Avoid souvenir shops Supermarkets are also the best places to buy inexpensive gifts for loved ones back home. Whether it’s artisanal chocolate or jam or locally made beauty products, these oh-so-affordable handmade trinkets are always a huge hit – at a discount!

What is beautiful?

October 9, 2008

(Lars Klove for The New York Times, manipulation by Tommer Leyvand)

Yesterday in the NY Times there was an article about scientists in Tel Aviv who invented “beautification” software. Based on the idea that humans around the world praise facial beauty by the standards of symmetry , youthfulness; clarity or smoothness of skin; and vivid color in the eyes and hair, they can take someone’s picture and make them more “beautiful”, like the image above.
The problem with this standard is that it really doesn’t allow for individuality, and to me that is what truly makes someone beautiful.
I find Uma Thurman to be gorgeous at one turn and a bit funny looking the next.
Also, not to be cliche, but someone’s spirit makes them beautiful and inevitably attract, or repelling. I have dated gorgeous men who’s hotness became such a non-factor because they were jerks, and plain men who became so much more attractive because they were kind. 
I interview the brilliant Simon Doonan this past summer about his book “Eccentric Glamour” where he laments that everyone wants to have cookie cutter beauty, like women from The Hills: pretty, but forgettable in their sameness. Instead he champions women like Tilda Swinton and the Olsen Twins, who while considered funny looking, are exquisite in their uniqueness.
Here is a link to the interview, which was both hilarious and thought provoking, enjoy!
xxxooo, Robyn

From the fridge to your face!

October 2, 2008

It’s getting chillier here in the Northeast (though my friends in L.A and Texas are reporting sweltering weather—sorry!). And while brisker weather means breaking out your cool winter clothes, the change of weather can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Instead of forking over your much-needed dough to a salon,  treat yourself to  a little down home loving with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

These are my favorite beauty recipes, some of which are from my book:

Orange Yogurt Mask

This is a home version of the facial I get at Mario Badescu in New York City (they’re famously affordable), which includes an anti-oxidant Vitamin C mask. The yogurt nourishes dry skin while the Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s in the orange repair and rejuvenates. The treatment is also cool and relaxing.

1 tbsp of plain yogurt 
Fresh juices from 1/4 orange

Stir together in small bowl. Smooth onto face. Leave on for a five minutes and then rinse.


Strawberry and lemon mask

This recipe is perfect for oily skin as the strawberry and lemon juice contain natural astringents.


1 tsp lemon juice

2 egg whites

3 tsp honey

1 cup strawberries



Mash or blend the above ingredients.

Smooth over face.

Let it stay for 10 minutes.


Exfoliating Scrubs

Oatmeal Honey Scrub

Oatmeal has long been used a gentle exfoliant. And honey acts like a moisturizer. A quick way to get a good scrubbin’ is to add a 1/4-cup of raw oats and two teaspoons of honey, organic if possible, to your morning cleanser. Top of the morning to you!

Easy Sugar Scrub

Sugar cane produces glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin.

Mix two tsp of white cane sugar with two tbls (are these correct?) of sweet almond oil in a small bowl and rub gently onto face in a circular motion. Rinse off the warm water. It’s ok if you lick your lips!!

 While you’re at it, make it a total body spa day!!

Homemade hair help

Some of the most inexpensive conditioners, natural oils, are in your kitchen. For instance, mashed avocados and mayonnaise offer hair moisture and running a little olive oil through your ends cures dryness. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some coconut oil, or even emu oil, they’re both known for being incredibly nourishing.

And if you’re in a pinch you can actually SHAVE your legs with olive oil. It is thick so can coat legs and stand up to a razor, plus it saves you a step as you won’t have to use moisturizer afterwards!!

For extra shiny hair:

Once a week after shampooing, rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar. The acids strip the build-up in your hair, leaving your mane soft and shiny.


Don’t forget your eyes!

            To alleviate tired puffy eyes, you’ve probably heard that chilled cucumber slices will take the edge off. You can also use cotton balls dipped in ice-cold whole milk or cream for five to 10 minutes. You can even try potato slices or chilled chamomile bags, which act as an anti-inflammatory.


Treat your Toes!

For a foot-abulous indulgence soak your tootsies in a bowl of warm whole milk. The lactic acids soften skin, so after 10 minutes, take a pumice stone to your feet to slough off dead skin.



Practically Posh at The Texas Book Festival

October 1, 2008

Howdy friends!

I am SOO excited because in un mes (one month!) I will be at the Texas Book Festival in my second hometown—Austin, Texas!! I will signing books from 3-3:45pm on Sat & Sun, Nov.1& 2.


Please come by my fellow Tejano’s so we can have a Posh Old Time.


Here’s more info on the event, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas Book Festival Info


Yummy Mexican food, here I come……