Ice Princess


So I am transitioning into winter makeup— I know a bit late—since I have a makeup uniform which essentially  consists of eyeliner and gloss. The other night I was out with a blondie friend who was sporting Chanel Vamp. Now I used to rock that back in the day, but as of late have been staying away from deep burgandies as coupled with my black hair, I feel too chola-esque. Because my gloss palette is always nude or peachy, I thought lets get nutty, and go BERRY. Ok, not too inventive, but I like my look, alright. Anyway, I was at a drugstore, when I stumbled upon Sally Hansen’s Lip Inflation in Sheer in Sheer Blush— I LOVE IT!!


You can’t really feel that it’s a weird lip plumper, and I don’t know that it actually plumps, but the color and texture is fantastic. I think what makes it winter-appropriate is that it is frosty. Frosty good. Paired with deep eyeliner and a white turtleneck or some faux fur hoodie and it is very Dr. Zhivago/Ice Princess-like.

I tried it this past weekend and it worked really well, don’t know if you can tell from this photo. (That’s me on way left with a red nose, 🙂


Try it out and let me know what you think. If you visit the Sally Hansen website, you get a $1 off, which is nothing to sniff at coupon haters!


Ciao darlings!!


xxxxooo, Robyn


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