Five Totally Posh Things for under $15


Just cause the Dow is down doesn’t mean our spirits have to sink. Here are five KILLER, and affordable, ways to have tons o’ fun.

1. Yoga. 

Whether you grab a Rodney Yee DVD or hit a class, yoga is GUARANTEED to put you in a good mood. Did you know that working out “intensely” (meaning you break a sweat) 3 times a week has the same effect as taking anti-depressants? So strike a warrior pose and breathe those blues away. (Flower hour class at laughing lotus class in NYC only $11, )

2. $5 Tickets to an NBA game.

Right now, my home team the San Antonio Spurs are offering $5 seats to their pre-season game. Now I’ve been in those seats, they are dizzyingly high. But worth the vertigo when you look like a big shot buying  tickets for all your friends. Hey, at least y’all can hold on to each other, and don’t forget the binoculars! 

$5 Spurs Tickets

3. A bottle of Albarino

Forget Pinot Grigio, Albarino (white wines from NW Spain) are THE Practically Posh wines of the moment. Fruity and well-rounded they go splendidly with ethnic foods like cheap Chinese. And with most coming in at under $15, this is a great choice to bring to a holiday party. Learn more at

4. Rosebud Lip Salve.

I am ADDICTED to this lip balm. Not only does it feel LUSCIOUS on your lips, but its give them a pretty effortless shine that you can easily swipe on when walking the dog, or if someone special slept over…..

Good on moisturizing cuticles, rough bits like knees and elbows, and for smoothing flyways…


5. A song from ITunes.

When I first figured out how to download music I would stay up all night long, downloading every song I could think of: New Order, Dolly Parton, Biggie Smalls, the options were endless!

Now that I have a big library, I’ve slowed down, but its still fun to discover, or rediscover a song. My latest download was “She talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes, I used to LOVE that album.

Here is the youtube link, enjoy! xxxxoo, Robyn

Black Crowes \”She talks to angels\”


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