Totally Twisted

So I have been coveting this disheveled damsel look for sometime, but was unsure how to achieve it. I experimented at home with braids, but the look was always more Pocahontas than Posh—until now.

Yesterday, my lovely little sister Bianca had a photo for her new fashion line: A Little Wicked, of which I will be blogging about A LOT. But what was especially cool was that the model rocked out the crown braids, so luckily I was on hand to see how it was done.

To get the look, the hair and makeup stylist, Jenni Kline (that’s her on left, the GORGEOUS model is Bianca’s friend Vanessa Ratnavich) started a French braid at the top left side of Vanessa’s head and continued brading across and around creating a crown. She bobby-pinned the end, then back combed pieces, so it looked wickedly messy, like a punk princess. This ‘do was surprisingly easy to DO, and looks good with our without bangs.

Such a pretty (and easy) way to wear your hair back. So long chignon, hello twisted sister!!


Xxxooo- Robyn


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