Backstage at Fashion Week



So after a full day of fashion week, I was chilling in the press area, which provided a respite from the madness of the masses in the lobby, but was frankly BORING: these journalists never stop WORKING. Luckily, a quick call to my in-the-know pal Anne of, I found the place to be: BACKSTAGE.



I made my way through the models and makeup and hair people until I found what I was looking for: the coveted backstage lounge, where the champagne flows and the pretty people (and some CHEESEY ones) play. W Hotels had a VIP lounge that felt like a daytime disco, replete with a DJ and flowing vodka. Best yet were the snacks of chips and Pop Rocks, major!

I popped and locked for a while, then bounced to the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge where I sipped (I’m a lady!) champagne and enjoyed a veggie foccacia sandwich. Know that’s the Practically Posh way to relax.


Xxxxxooo Robyn




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