Life in Los Hamptons

Hello all,

So I’m now kicking it full time in the Hamptons. It’s beyond beautiful and so far my only complaints are that wine stores close at 8pm, blasted! (Note to self: start buying cases) And there is no good Mexican food.

My boyfriend took to a place called La Fondita that apparently everyone goes LOCO for, but I was quite underwhelmed. Just because you serve Jarritos sodas (Tamarindo bueno..) does not an authentic restaurant make. But in all fairness, I’m a super Tex Mexican, so all I ever really want is a yummy bean and cheese taco. Alas, the best food so far has been when my little sister came out and made a border-line gnarly Mexicano feast. This is her in our backyard, tranquilo..


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  1. Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best… Says:

    […] TV’s Robyn not so loco for La Fondita… [Practically Posh]  Email […]

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