Affordable Birthday Gifts

Howdy friends!

So I spent all weekend trying to figure out what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday, which is this upcoming Saturday. It’s hard enough to buy people gifts—I usually just buy them what I like, :)— but this is the first BDAY we’ve shared as a couple, so the pressure is really on. Plus, he has REALLY good taste, artist-turned-chef, not to mention his ex “lady friend” was a gazillionaire: I think she bought him a friggin’ surfboard and/or a CAR for his last birthday! Grrr, girl should take that money and fix those cankles…..But, lets keep the focus here..

So while I don’t have mounds o’ dinero, which is why this blog is titled “Practically” Posh, and not “Pretentiously” Posh, I am certainly rich in ingenuity! Looking to make a big impact with my small birthday fund, I headed to my favorite website:—It’s a site where you can buy and sell a plethora of ADORABLE hand made items. If you know this website then you are undoubtedly an addict, too. If not, I warn you now, you’ll will stay up all hours of the night perusing their super sweet finds

Now my novio is a ceramicist (like in Ghost, but not so gay) so I started in the sculpture section and ran across this guy:

How friggin cute is he? This little lovely was a “one of a kind hand crafted sculpture” and only $15, score!

But, on further inspection, I found out he was only two inches tall. Dude, that’s a golf ball…. No, I needed more show for my dough.

So the search continued in the ceramics area, where I came across this crazy monster!

He’s an “El Chupacabra Goes to the Moon” magnet! Now this is art! A hand painted and kiln-fired ceramic work of genius for only $8, a steal. Do I have a collectors eye or what? This loco totally went into my basket. But I couldn’t stop at a magnet, plus does it make sense to give an artist work in his own medium? It’s like buying a jewelery designer earrings, kinda dumb. Ok, Ok, so off to the prints section, which are nice and affordable……

Where I finally found it:

I LOVE it!!!! Titled “I Like Your Scarf”, it’s an 8.5 x11 print of an original illustration signed by the artist (Ashley Goldberg) and only $20! My love and I met in winter, so we always had tons of cold wear on, plus I am MAD for guys that wear scarves and I always borrow my stylish beau’s cause he has so many. And it kinda looks like us, as my hair is darker than his.

What do you guys think about the print, achingly tender, right?

So two clever, artsy-kitsche cadeau’s for $35 combined! Coupled with a swanky dinner and some kissy face, all in all the makings for a BRILLIANT birthday, I’d say.

Will let you know how it turns out..

xxxooo Robyn


4 Responses to “Affordable Birthday Gifts”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    I hear John wears a little Italian Gay guy on the end of his scarf…I love it…too funny.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Hey I love the print! It’s totally adorable and sweet. Happy Birthday to your man!!! Congrats on the blog, I’ve already thoroughly enjoyed your posts (as prescribed, while bored at work..), especially the crazy chupacabra…I love that guy! (If it doesn’t work for your man, remember, my birthday is in August :-))….

  3. MILF Says:

    we have an owl that lives in our backyard…looks just like your 2″ ceramic one but bigger. love the print!! xo

  4. chocohombre Says:

    …a sweet post. sorry, tough guys, that painting is waaay cute. if Mr. Chef didn’t like it then he clearly has ‘reduction sauce’ in the blood. but i’m bettin’ it was a hit. i spent an hour on….bloody hell

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