Can astrology be used in lieu of therapy during a recession?

Hello all! This is my first blog on and while I will soon inundate you with cool (and affordable) product recommendations and great advice on how to live the high life on a little budget, today I wanted to talk about how to maintain positivity during tough times. While whether we’re in an actual recession remains to be determined, it sure does feel like it doesn’t it?

It’s usually during these precarious moments that I value my time with my old therapist, which we can call Dr. G. However, as I recently dropped my Cobra coverage because it was raised to an OBSCENE amount (over $500 a month, bloody hell!) I have begun to seek solace and “sage” advice from the stars: in astrology columns. My favorites are Jonathan Cainer (, Susan Miller (, and of course, Latino icon, Walter Mercado who dispenses “dramatico” advice on Univision’s Primer Impacto. (He’s also on the BRILLIANT show Viva Hollywood on Vh1! It’s padre, guey!)

While most of the “stellar” advice is delivered in vagaries and platitudes,like: “If you open your ears, you may yet find that others open their hearts,” or “Es un buen momento para poner los pies sobre la tierra,” at least it’s free. My therapist usually just lets me drone on (I hate my sisters dog!…. I know I’m on a budget, but I can’t take the subway in this outfit without getting accosted..”) and then makes me COME TO MY OWN CONCLUSIONS. Dude, what am I paying her for?

Isn’t it better to hear this: “Life is good and about to get better. Once the sun moves into your birth sign this coming weekend you will no longer be held back by the kind of vague fears that have so blighted your life in recent weeks. Most, if not quite all, of your dreams are about to come true.”

Than this: “You’re only hurting yourself by coming to your appointment 20 minutes late.” (I’m not allowed to take cabs, remember!)

What do you guys think? In uncertain times, isn’t entertainment and fantasy, and blonde coiffed hair infinitely more inspiring than just meddlesome reality? 🙂 Just a thought….xxxooo…Robyn


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One Response to “Can astrology be used in lieu of therapy during a recession?”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    I agree. Therapists can be such downers. I’m the child of a shrink, and I think that most of them (maybe 99%) are a waste of time. They usually do one of 2 things: A) blame your problems on other people, therefore victimizing you and giving you no hope for solutions or any kind of real recovery from your problems, or B) guilt trip you about all the things you’re doing wrong, when you already know this stuff and give yourself enough of a hard time as is.

    If you can find a shrink who is more of a life coach and confidante who can call you on your sh*t but also encourage you and help you come up with real, actionable solutions to your problems, that’s awesome. I personally have one, but it took years to find her. If you can’t find one, you might do better to get yourself a life coach. If your goal is to feel better about yourself and enjoy life more, that’s what they’re for.

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